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HSE Documents



The BUSANG CONSORTIUM Q-HSE systemequips our employees with all the necessary tools to build, review, revise and document “Safe Systems of Work” for all our work activities. Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessment, Method Statements, Calculation, Lifting Studies, Rigging Studies, and Transporting Studies, are all a part of daily life, written and executed to the best industry standards by trained, skilled and competent staff. We require all employees, contractors, sub-contractors, visitors and any others who may be affected by our operations to share this commitment by complying with our policies and procedures, and to understand that they too have legal and moral obligations to themselves and to one another.

Employeesare our most valuable asset and we do our best to ensure that their safety goes beyond the implementation and compliance of regulations, policies, procedures and safety audits. Our commitment to safety does not end with our employees; it also includes the safety of all others who may be directly or indirectly involved in any of our operations.